Meet the team

A Message from the president


Hello Everyone,

    Welcome to the official website of Tau Sigma Phi! My name is Allie Malizia-Raper and I am the National Board President for the 2020/2021 session. I am so thrilled that you have found our site. Here you will find, information on; our chapters, National Board, recruitment information, our pillars and policies, all while also getting a feel for who we are.


I am beyond humbled and excited to take on this opportunity and I cannot wait to see what collectively will be accomplished this year. It has been nearly 13 years now since the founding of Tau Sigma Phi in Ottawa, ON and since then we have expanded across the country into 5 beautifully unique chapters with over 500 members. Our chapters are located in; 


Ontario: Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto, St. Catharines

British Columbia:  Burnaby


Each of our chapters are accomplishing amazing things within their local and greater communities. We are so excited to continue to watch them grow and find successes in the upcoming year. 


To many of us, Tau Sigma Phi embodies a sisterhood alike any other. Tau Sigma Phi welcomes and embraces diversity. We are committed to providing a safe space for all members in addition to encouraging our members to become the best unique versions of themselves. Through scholastics, philanthropy and sisterhood, our members are united. As a result, Tau Sigma Phi is a home away from home for many of our members. For myself, joining Tau Sigma Phi was one of the most exciting and rewarding decisions that I made during my undergraduate career. Through this organization, I created many life-long relationships, improved my academic performance, received guidance from alumni members, and had the opportunity to make a larger impact in my community. The experience that Tau Sigma Phi provides for it’s members is truly remarkable and I am thankful every day to be apart of such an incredible organization.

As this year begins and we are faced with new challenges, I admire the strength, unity and dedication that each of our chapter possesses as we move forward into a new school session. 


To all of our members, thank you for all of your hard work and ongoing dedication to Tau Sigma Phi. We are constantly looking for passionate and ambitious leaders who would flourish within our organization. If any of the information on this site interests you, and you are wanting to learn more, please send us a message. We would love to get to know and hear from you!


Peace, Love & Tau Sig

Allie Malizia-Raper

National Board President 2020/2021

Executive Board