the foundation of our organization is built upon 3 key components 




Sisterhood is the reason we've all been brought together, it is the underlying reason for how we've become so successful. Tau Sigma Phi is proud to foster a loving & positive environment for all members. The best way to build confident young women is through the support of other young women. We have the strongest sisterhood on every campus we belong to and know that the our lives can only be enhanced by building each other up.

Philanthropy, specifically anything pertaining to breast cancer research, is the passion of Tau Sigma Phi. This is our specific cause because all 5 of our founding mothers were affected by this horrible disease in one way or another. Our girls participate in various campaigns & events that raise not only money, but awareness as well. Each chapter also participates in various other philanthropies depending on what the current actives are passionate about. 

Scholastic achievement is of great importance to Tau Sigma Phi, each girl is required to maintain a specific GPA in order to be active, mentor PNMs or hold executive positions. We require our girls to complete monthly study hours, participate in workshops to better their work ethic, and connect girls to alumnae who completed the same degrees/have similar career goals. Our girls set scholastic goals for themselves each semester & we do our best to give them the opportunities to be able to achieve them.